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Pre-Purchasing Inspections
A pre-purchasing inspection is an inspection specified by the company wishing to purchase a ship and includes the ship’s hull, engine room, ballast tanks, cargo gears, uncoupling, loading line equipment, loading/unloading equipment, cargo holds, life-saving and fire-fighting equipment.

Navigation Audits
Navigation audits are required by the TMSA and are common in other trades for example on bulk carriers.
The main topic is based on current developments and the requirements of charterers.
Can be done also with remotly method and VDR analyses

ON/OFF Hire bunker and condition survey
On-Off hire condition and bunker survey are a requirement for the commercial shipping trade, as ships are chartered by their owners who trade cargo worldwide. In order to achieve this, the inspection should be performed either prior to the delivery of the ship on charter or prior to its redelivery from charterers.

PSC Preparation and assistance
In order to achieve the inspection of foreign ships in national ports and to verify the condition of the ship and its equipment, the Port State Control (PSC) inspection is mandatory, as well as for compliance with international regulations regarding the manning and operation of the ship ensuring safety at sea and prevention of pollution.

ISM / ISPS / MLC Internal Audits
The ISM Code paragraph 12.1 states: “The Company should carry out internal safety audits onboard and ashore at intervals not exceeding 12 months to verify whether safety and pollution-prevention activities comply with the safety Management System (SMS)”. Section 12.4 of the code also states that “Personnel carrying out audits should be independent of the areas being audited unless this is impracticable due to the size and nature of the company”.

Pre-Vetting Inspections
As per OCIMF/SIRE inspection Database is an essential tool for independent owners of tanker vessels in order to ensure employment for their vessels in the worldwide market. A Pre-vetting Inspection can ensure to mitigating or even eliminating the risk of negative observations during a SIRE Vetting. thus maintaining a low observation score in the database. We have especially designed ship inspections based on SIRE & CDI program for Oil & Chemical Tankers and RightShip for Bulk Carriers to evaluate the preparedness of the vessel for the upcoming vetting inspections

Marine/ Technical and HSQE consulting
Our company provides high-quality consulting services, in the light of experience and competence. We offer comprehensive consultancy services for all aspects of maritime projects, including:
• Dry dock monitoring
• Deck maintenance and PMS monitoring and improvement
• Technical assistance and supply of spare parts where need
• SMS manual upgrade to new regulations and comply with Rightship standards.
• Vessel Documentation monitoring and updated

Incident Investigation
The purpose of accident investigation is to identify the factors that led to the fatality and, when necessary, to offer actions, information, and recommendations aimed at averting such tragedies.

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